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Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

High Yield, High Quality, High Throughput, Automated Run< 20 minutes

The kit is desig ned fo r the ra pid and autom ated ex traction  of viral DNA or RNA from a variaty of samples including plasma, serum, cerebral spinal fluid, amniotic fluid, tissues, sample collection solution or other cell free body fluids. The kit utilize magnetic beads technoclogy for DNA/RNA binding, and suitable for many kind of Nucleic Acid Extractor and Liquid Handling System. The automated procedure can be less than 20 minutes. The purified DNA/RNA can be directly used for PCR, Sequencing and other molecular experiments.



The Sample Collection Kit is designed for collection, transportation and short-term storage of specimen total DNA/RNA of saliva, blood, serum, stool and body fluid etc. The preservative will lyse the organism and inactivate the cells, bacteria and virus. The stored samples can be used in subsequent diagnostic experiments such as DNA/RNA
extraction, PCR testing or sequencing.

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Sample Collection Kit & Viral DNARNA Extraction Kit


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