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M12A, M14, M21, M21S UV VIS Spectroscopy

M12A, M14, M21, M21S UV VIS Spectroscopy


190 – 1100nm Wavelength Range
10’1 inch Touch Screen Capacitive Type
Model M21 Spectral Bandwidth 1nm
Model M21S Selectable Bandwidth (0.5, 1, 2, 4, 5nm)


190 ~ 1100 nm Wavelength Range
5′ inch Touch Screen Resistive Type
Model M12A Spectral Bandwidth 2nm
Model M14 Spectral Bandwidth 4nm


UV VIS Spectroscopy

Molar™ Series

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Single Beam & Double Beam UV Vis Spectrophotometers offered are made with Highest Quality Standard;

Highly Responsive & Possibly the Largest Touch Screen ever found in the UV VIS Spectrophotometer market;

Smooth & Pleasant User Experience in Simple Few Clicks;

Excellent Baseline & Noise Performance; Built-in function for GLP/GMP Performance Verification Test

Wide Range of Accessories (such as Multi Cell Holder, Reflectance Acc, etc.);

Anti-Corrosive Standard Cell Holders;

Customization in Photometric Measurement such as Dual Wavelength Absorbance Ratio/Difference Calculation;

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Controlling Software in Standalone or PC mode;

Various Options (includes USB, LAN, WIFI, etc.) for PC Communications, Printing & Data Export;

Photometry & Spectrum Scanning Performance Guaranteed!

More details

M12A M14 Brochure

M21 M21S Brochure


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