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Thermographic Camera for Body Temperature

Thermographic Camera for Body Temperature

System Configuration
• 1810A / B main unit * 1 set (24 ° × 18 °lens)
• Tripod and mounting kit * 1set
• Externalpowersupply*1set,dedicatedhigh-efficiencylithiumbattery*1,lithiumbattery
Charging kit * 1set
• USB data cable * 1, AV video link cable *1
• 16G high-speed TF memory card * 1, card reader *1
• Client software for human body temperature screening * 1set
• Dedicated anti-fall, waterproof safety protection suitcase * 1only
• Notebook or desktop computer * 1 set(optional)


Product introduction
EXPEC 1810 series AI intelligent infrared thermal imaging human body temperature rapid screening system is based on high-precision (384×288 or 640×480) infrared thermal imaging detector combined with red spectrum technology AI intelligent human body. The core algorithm of temperature screening can efficiently and accurately realize
rapid screening and detection of human body temperature in various public places.Through temperature and emissivity compensation and automatic temperature calibration, the measurement accuracy can reach 0.3 degrees Celsius. It can meet various mobile-intensive units such as airports, stations, terminals, ports, hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc., and quickly and effectively detect suspected fever with non-contact monitoring to avoid crossinfection.

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Magenta Labscience Thermographic Camera for Body Temperature


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