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Naica System for Crystal Digital PCR

Naica System for Crystal Digital PCR

Crystal Digital PCR is Stilla’s next-generation technology for absolute quantification of nucleic acids.
Using cutting-edge microfluidic innovations, this technology integrates the digital PCR process in a single consumable. The sample is first flowed through a network of microchannels and partitioned into a large 2D array of 30,000 individual droplets, also called a droplet crystal. PCR is then performed on-chip and the crystal is imaged to reveal the droplets that contain amplified targets. The last step consists in counting the number of these positive droplets to precisely extract the absolute quantity of nucleic acids. With Crystal Digital PCR, the combination of powerful image analysis and intuitive visual inspection offers an unmatched
level of confidence in the digital PCR measurement, yielding
data you can truly trust.


Generate crystals & Amplify Read & Analyze

  • Crystals of 30,000 droplets are created from each sample
  • PCR amplification is performed immediately after crystal generation
  • Load the reaction mixes into the wells of the Sapphire chips
  • Place the chips into the Naica Geode Launch the Crystal Digital PCR program

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Brochure – The Naica System for Crystal Digital PCR


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