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Ion Chromatography

Ion Chromatography

Benchtop Models & Portable Model Available

Max Pressure 35Mpa (~5076Psi/350Bar) (42Mpa Optional)

High Pressure & Low Pulse Dual Plunger Tandem Advection Pump

Flow Rate Range:0.001~9.999mL/min

Pump Flow System Made of PEEK Materials (SS Material Optional)

Sample Injection System Made of PEEK Materials

Column Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.01’C

Automatic Continuous Suppressor Regeneration

Conductivity Detector, Amperometric Detector, UV-VIS Detector


AquasIC™ Series

Temperature Controlled bi-Polar Conductivity Detector with Greater Range and better Precision;

3D Constant Circulating Temperature Technology shorten stability time less than 30 minutes;

World’s Leading Full Range of IC Columns satisfy various applications;

Self-Regenerating Electrolytic Micro-Membrane Suppressor;

(Higher Pressure Resistance; Smaller Dead Volume; Highly Responsive)

Extensive Range of Detectors & Detection at ppb levels;

APPLICATION FIELDs: Environmental; Water Quality; Disease Control; Medical; Food Safety; Chemical Industry; Electronics; Mining and Metallurgy; Many others;


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